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Turn Views into Value with Strategic Video & Content Marketing β€” In a digital world overflowing with content, standing out requires more than just creativity. It demands a strategic, insightful approach.

At WordMotion, we blend art with strategy to make your digital presence not just seen, but remembered. We do this through:

“I’ve seen first hand how hard it is to produce good content – especially with the “power” of AI. Content doesn’t start at production. It starts at strategy, and strategy starts with knowing your audience, but also knowing yourself.”
Sam Shoemaker, WordMotion

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Yet, achieving the dream blend of high-quality, rapid delivery, and cost-effectiveness seems out of reach.

Introducing WordMotion’s πŸ”₯ F.I.R.E. services: Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant content solutions tailored for impact.

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“WordMotion (formerly Bold Oaks) has been great to work with and does awesome work!”

Jake F.
US Hot Air Balloon Team

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Our F.I.R.E. Philosophy

Blending rapid execution with cost-effectiveness, our approach ensures your content not only stands out but also delivers results.

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Dedicated to blending strategic insights with creative flair, our team is the cornerstone of every success story we craft

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Our client testimonials and their success stories

WordMotion [formerly Bold Oaks] produced two videos for my business, Ceiling Outfitters. Working with them was a very positive experience and the resulting product is effective in the marketplace. You should consider WordMotion as the collaborative process including script writing and level of communication was positive. We are located in TX, they set up a video feed for me to observe the taping and provide comment when necessary. We are pleased with the end product and will soon discuss a new video project with them.
Thomas Stanley
I cannot recommend WordMotion [formerly Bold Oaks Media] highly enough! Working was Sam and Jeff on the Cellar Sessions cover band promo video was absolutely fantastic. From the beginning, Sam worked with us on putting together ideas and working with us to match our vision with our budget, and did so in a friendly and positive manner. He was also transparent in how much things would cost, and gave a variety of options that best suit our needs within that budget. The day of the shoot was as painless as the process can be--Sam and Jeff were both incredibly professional and their creativity in getting the best possible footage was outstanding. That creativity and professionalism was also evident in the editing process, as they were not only able to create a first-class video product, but also listen to our feedback and work with us in achieving the best possible video for our vision. If you are looking for great people to create a fantastic video, then look no further than WordMotion. We'd give them 12 stars if we could!
Dustin Dillman
Cellar Sessions (Band)

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