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Where Strategy Meets Creativity
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Bridging the World of Creative Talent and Strategic Marketing

The digital content realm is vast, yet often, a crucial element is missed – aligning artistic prowess with strategic marketing acumen. WordMotion stands out in this landscape, where we:

Empower Creative Talents:

Uniting videographers, photographers, and writers with a deep understanding of marketing strategies.

Solve Real-World Problems:

Tackling issues like freelancers focusing more on personal artistic pursuits than on marketing needs.

Ensure Strategic Alignment:

Providing a seamless blend of creativity and marketing principles to match your business goals.

WordMotion isn’t just another creative agency. We are your strategic partners, ensuring every piece of content, be it a video, photograph, or written copy, is not just a piece of art, but a cog in your marketing machine.

WordMotion’s Unique Approach

Tailoring Strategies to Your Unique Marketing Needs

At WordMotion, our approach transcends traditional boundaries. We blend our deep understanding of marketing strategies with our expertise in video, photo, and content production. This unique blend ensures:

  • Strategic efficiency in both planning and execution.
  • A holistic understanding of how different marketing strategies can be optimally utilized in creative content creation.
  • A tailored approach that adapts to the unique needs and nuances of your business, ensuring your marketing and creative goals are not just met, but exceeded.

Bridging the Gap between Creativity and Strategy

Where Artistry Meets Market Savvy

The creative industry is rich with talent that often leans more towards personal artistic goals than strategic market impact. WordMotion shifts this paradigm by:

  • Aligning artists’ creative zeal with market demands.
  • Providing strategic direction to ensure every creative output is not just beautiful, but effective and aligned with business goals.
  • Offering a cohesive platform where creativity and marketing strategy coexist and thrive.

Benefits for Business and Marketing Professionals

Streamlining Creativity for Your Business Goals

With WordMotion, the benefits extend beyond mere aesthetics:

  • Aligned Vision: Our marketing-first approach ensures that the creative output resonates with your strategic goals.
  • Efficient Collaborations: Reduced back-and-forth and clearer project scopes.
  • Reliable Creative Talent: A network of professionals who understand and implement marketing principles effectively.

Addressing Freelance Challenges

Overcoming the Freelancer Dilemma

Working with freelancers can be a mixed bag, especially when marketing is not their forte. Common challenges may include:

  • Inconsistent understanding of marketing needs.
  • Shifting focus as they pursue personal artistic goals.
  • Growing out of budget as they gain experience.

On the flip side, working with freelancers and contractors provides a ton of benefits. Such as:

  • Ability to build the right team for your project
  • Provides more flexibility on budgets and cost
  • Avoid tunnel vision on the way the project can be done

But this is why WordMotion loves to work with a widely talented pool of freelance and contract talent! WordMotion comes along side your business and the creative talent to ensure that the work gets done efficiently, consistently, and accurately. 

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Testimonials Showcase

Our client testimonials and their success stories

WordMotion [formerly Bold Oaks] produced two videos for my business, Ceiling Outfitters. Working with them was a very positive experience and the resulting product is effective in the marketplace. You should consider WordMotion as the collaborative process including script writing and level of communication was positive. We are located in TX, they set up a video feed for me to observe the taping and provide comment when necessary. We are pleased with the end product and will soon discuss a new video project with them.
Thomas Stanley
I cannot recommend WordMotion [formerly Bold Oaks Media] highly enough! Working was Sam and Jeff on the Cellar Sessions cover band promo video was absolutely fantastic. From the beginning, Sam worked with us on putting together ideas and working with us to match our vision with our budget, and did so in a friendly and positive manner. He was also transparent in how much things would cost, and gave a variety of options that best suit our needs within that budget. The day of the shoot was as painless as the process can be--Sam and Jeff were both incredibly professional and their creativity in getting the best possible footage was outstanding. That creativity and professionalism was also evident in the editing process, as they were not only able to create a first-class video product, but also listen to our feedback and work with us in achieving the best possible video for our vision. If you are looking for great people to create a fantastic video, then look no further than Bold Oaks Media. We'd give them 12 stars if we could!
Dustin Dillman
Cellar Sessions (Band)

Frequently Asked Questions

WordMotion employs a range of proven marketing and content strategies tailored to each project’s unique needs. These include:

  • “They Ask, You Answer”: Directly addressing customer queries with informed content.
  • “Storybrand Framework”: Creating compelling narratives with your customer as the hero.
  • “The Fletcher Method”: Crafting clear, impactful marketing messages.
  • “Product Launch Formula”: Strategically launching products for maximum market impact.
  • “Content Marketing Institute Framework”: Holistic strategies for effective content marketing.
  • “Hedgehog Content Framework”: Focusing on core strengths for content differentiation.
  • “TOFU-MOFU-BOFU Framework”: A comprehensive approach to full-funnel content strategy.

Our team consists of experts in both creative production and marketing strategy, ensuring seamless integration of the two for optimal results.

Our marketing-first approach, combined with our F.I.R.E. philosophy, positions us uniquely to deliver content that is not only creatively compelling but strategically effective. 

Our marketing-first approach means that we aren’t creating video content to future filmmakers. We’re not writers writing blogs in order to someday be an author. We are marketers. We do what we do in order to drive results for your business or client. 

Yes, our diverse skill set allows us to efficiently create content for both digital platforms and traditional media like TV and print.

We address issues like inconsistent marketing understanding among freelancers, aligning artistic goals with business objectives, and ensuring cost-effective yet high-quality production.