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Video is consuming the world

Look around — Everyone everywhere is consuming video content.

Each of us, on average, spends 100 minutes a day watching videos online.

Why? Because videos move people, they effect hearts and minds. They make people feel connected.

Are you giving your customer what they want?

Video marketing Move Your people to action

Video tells the story of your product or service

There is no more powerful medium for driving a business forward than video.

66% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product.

And a whopping 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Customers have shown us what they want. It’s time to give it to them.

Lancaster PA Videographer

Turn your visually motivated lookers into your qualified leads.

Did you know that 90% of customers say that it was video marketing that convinced them to make a purchase? 

And online shoppers who view videos are 1.81x as likely to purchase — So are you giving your customers what they want?

Are you getting the right message to your customers in the right way?

A Lancaster, PA Based Video Production Studio

Welcome to
WordMotion Media

(formerly Bold Oaks Media)

WordMotion Media (formerly Bold Oaks Media) is a new kind of video production company. One more concerned with closing customers, driving leads and growing your business instead of just trying to be clever and making pretty pictures.

You need the
Right Message &
Right Strategy

You need the Right Message & Right Strategy

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WordMotion Media helps you strategize and produce videos that aligns with your strategy and works toward achieving your goals. Are you ready to think differently about video content?

Featured Video Marketing Service

Video Marketing Package

Features & Benefits:

Consistent, strategic, budget-friendly video content for your digital marketing strategy

Video marketing projects includes collaboration upfront, working closely to bring our knowledge of video production and storytelling together with your understanding of your business, product and customers.

A tightly scoped production process follows this to serve up engaging video content that won’t break the budget.

That’s video marketing content from WordMotion — Video content that drives a return for your business.


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The Video Marketing Process

The WordMotion Video Marketing process is built around a regular collaborative process between you and the Bold Oaks Media team.

Step 1)
You Draft A Script / Idea

You help develop a rough draft script based on a content calendar

Step 2)
Brainstorming Meeting

You & Bold Oaks meet to tweak, scope, and finalize the script and shot list

Step 3)
BOM Starts Production

Bold Oaks shoots and produces the video and submits for your approval

Step 4)
Short Revision Cycle

Edits are made for accuracy to keep in scope and within budget

It's That Easy!

As marketers and cinematographers by trade, WordMotion has seen the best and worst video content in the business. When it comes to producing video that performs, it comes down to having a well-thought-out strategy behind what you’re producing.

We believe in the power of the “right” message

If you spend a lot of time, as the WordMotion team has, in the business of advertising, you learn very quickly the power sending the right message.

Every important product has a great story behind it.

Carhart doesn’t just make jackets and hats. Each piece of Carhart gear embodies the story of the timeless value of the rugged, hard-working American. 

Apple doesn’t deal in gigabits and pixels. They make phones and computers that empower and inspire everyday people to capture and create memories. 

Yet doesn’t sell cups and coolers. They sell the idea that you will always be ready for any adventure with a Yeti tumbler in your hand or Yeti cooler in your car.

This is the power of story, the power of the right message.


But you don’t have to be a major brand to make a difference with the right message.

When you combine a good story, simple or profound, with moving images; When you can see yourself in the faces of others, living and breathing on video in front of your, something magical happens.

Magic with a purpose.

WordMotion doesn’t make videos for the sake of making videos. We don’t create content to be appreciated by your customers.

WordMotion Media produces videos to help drive increase your revenue and move your business forward.

WordMotion tell stories that bring your mission and your revenues goals to life.

Most importantly, WordMotion tell the story of your customers. Because, when you show that your customer that you can solve their problem (with your products ), you will drive desire which will drive phone calls, form fills, and purchases.

WordMotion Media would love to do this for you and your company.

If you have any questions about WordMotion Videos or process, you can reach the team here or use the form below.

Thank you for stopping by!

The team at WordMotion Media

Video Production Service Packages

Packages & Pricing

Looking to chat about something else? You can contact BOM here

Monthly Video Packages

Marketing Video Production is a strategic approach to creating high-performing video content for revenue generating digital ad campaigns. 

This package is perfect for high-performing marketers that know how connect with their audience with constant video content. These videos are meant to be fast, inexpensive, restrained, and elegant.



Starting at $650/month

1-3 video campaigns (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly)

The Commercial Video Projects

For high-impact, longer form, more complex video projects. Our more traditional offering, where we go deeper into the process and create heavily polished content you could use anywhere.

When the stakes are higher, and the budgets are bigger, this project is perfect for high-end sales presentations, traditional television and product launches.



Starting at $3,000

For one-off projects that fit a specific strategic need.

Custom Video Productions

No matter how big the request, we can accommodate. No matter the complexity, we’ve can make it happen, aerial photography, drone photography, and live events.

For this work, we need to have a conversation and understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Together we’ll figure out how to make it happen.




Call to share your idea and Bold Oaks will help make the budget work.

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